Insight Studies

light-311119_1280Insight Studies are one of Silverbee’s most valued and unique services. Part science, part art, our Insight Studies help new projects grow and succeed through analysis, honest evaluations, and creative ideas. We collect the facts, then put our best brainstorming and marketing ideas together to give small businesses and new projects the insights they need to advance a new project or idea and make it real. Our previous Insight Studies have provided direction for dozens of projects including launching an environmental website, developing a new awards program, launching new travel booking tools, and managing news coverage around a major corporate relocation.


Silverbee’s unique insight studies don’t skimp on details. These reports typically include:

*Highly detailed analysis of your program’s current environment within your overall business
*Your competition
*Trends, forecasting future changes, unique opportunities, risks, and challenges
*Creative input and suggestions for unique content, topics, and strategies that will make your program stand out
*Creative input and suggestions on how the program will be promoted via social and traditional media
*Sample marketing and communications campaigns to launch aspects of your program