• Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance works to raise the health of children in the world's poorest countries through immunization.

  • With digitization, the Smithsonian's collection gets closer to you.

  • The Bomb, a live multimedia film and music experience about nuclear weapons, is now on Netflix.

  • Food Chains with Eva Longoria tells the story of farmworkers who made real change happen with just two cents per tomato.

  • IFFIm harnesses the power of capital markets to raise fast, reliable funding for life-saving vaccines.

  • With American Honors, students prepare for a leading US University by starting at a 2-year college program.

  • The Bomb tells the story of nuclear weapons in a multimedia 360 degree music and film experience.

  • The Smithsonian Digitization Program shows very big things in very small detail.

  • Through the lends of the world's longest footrace, 3100 celebrates running as a source of inspiration and survival.

  • Mae Jemison's Look Up movement invites people to share their sky selfies with the new Skyfie mobile app.

  • Share your sky with the Skyfie app.

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Latest News

This is how being a dancer makes you a better astronaut

Dr. Mae Jemison celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing with a Skyfie challenge.

Kim Kardashian announced she will become an attorney through a legal apprenticeship.

Lawyer like a Kardashian

When Kim Kardashian announced she was planning to become an attorney through an apprenticeship, the CEO of startup nonprofit Esq. Apprentice saw an opportunity for a much bigger conversation.

Look Up: words and pictures tell your unique story.

Look Up with NatGeo’s Your Shot

What’s Above Us Unites Us. That’s the message of LOOK UP, a new initiative created by NASA astronaut, author and educator Dr. Mae Jemison

3100: Run and Become -a film about endurance, and why we run

Why do runners run? 3100 tries to answer this question with fasinating stories of five runners: a Navajo, a Finnish paperboy, an Austrian musician, an African hunter and a Japanese monk.

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