100 Year Starship

Dr. Mae Jemison leads 100 Year Starship
Dr. Mae Jemison leads 100 Year Starship

Dr. Mae Jemison and 100 Year Starship are driving the conversation about human space travel in deep space and how planning for that future will inevitably bring innovations back home to solve our Earth-bound challenges from energy and resource management to social and cultural systems required to sustain a wide-ranging, long-term, multi-national effort.

Dr. Mae Jemison is a renaissance woman. A writer, doctor, engineer, Peace Corps officer, and astronaut, She made history as the first woman of color in space in 1992 on the Space Shuttle Endeavour and went on to work as a Star Trek guest star, professor, speaker, and entrepreneur. In 2012 her foundation won a grant from Darpa to create an independent organization dedicated to solving big problems by asking big questions: 100 Year Starship – and it poses fascinating questions with solutions we have yet to uncover.  100 Year Starship is leading this grand, audacious challenge — with input from scientists, but also experts in economics, politics, sociology, academia, sustainability, architecture, robotics, music, art and the law.

We helped launch 100 Year Starship with Scott Circle in 2012, and since then have helped attract news coverage about this new initiative through, features and interviews in The New York Times, Washington Post, i09, Popular Science, BBC, NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me, On Point, Studio 360, Fast Company, the Houston Chronicle, Factor, and many more.

Dr. Jemison is also part of PBS’s MAKERS series airing fall 2014.