on ‘the bomb’ squad

We are mesmerized by (and in love with) our latest project, the bomb.  the bomb is a groundbreaking multimedia installation that immerses you in the strange, compelling, and unsettling reality of nuclear weapons.  The 55-minute film turns the idea of filmgoing around – it’s a film you stand inside, not in front of, with the images driven by a powerful, beautiful and haunting score written and performed by The Acid, live in the center of the space. United Visual Artists completed the experience by developing a set that includes massive floor to ceiling screens that surround the audience, with lighting and special effects. Artist Stanley Donwood, renowned for his design work on Radiohead’s album covers, and his brother, The Kingdom of Ludd, created the artistry and animation that elevates the film, co-directed by Kevin Ford, Eric Schlosser and Smriti Keshari, from a straight documentary into an art form.

Working with Fat Dot PR to support the co-creators, Smriti Keshari and Eric Schlosser (producers of our previous film project, Food Chains), we’ve been fortunate to bump up significant buzz in the form of previews, features, and critical acclaim for the show, which was chosen as the closing night event of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. Michael Douglas joined the creators for a panel on nuclear weapons before opening night, and luminaries of culture from Richard Linklater and Michael Shannon to Valerie Plame came to experience the bomb.

Next stop – Tokyo, Moscow, London, Los Angeles, and Barcelona, we hope. Beautiful, bold, crazy, and scary, this project is going to be big and open eyes to something important that many of us no longer thing about. Out of sight, out of mind – until now.  And it all happened because Smriti Keshari thought, “what if…” and then took the next step. She asked people she admired to join her and make this thing real. Very, very real.