Gavi – The Vaccine Alliance

Children immunized in senegal

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, is an international nonprofit devoted to saving lives by bringing vaccines to children in the world’s poorest countries. The organization averted more than 8 million deaths and immunized close to 580 children since 2000.

Gavi partners with global foundations, governments, and external partners like UPS, Lions Clubs, and Comic Relief. Gavi must highlight these partnerships and their impact regularly to help them succeed in fundraising and advocacy.


Silverbee partners with Weintraub Communications to support communications for Gavi. Working specifically with Comic Relief in April 2016 and Lions Clubs in August and September, Silverbee programmed campaigns for Gavi in 2016: NBC’s Red Nose Day broadcast broke their previous record, raising US $34 million for vaccines and other charity partners.

Silverbee’s creative team also created visuals and posts to boost visibility for Gavi’s work with Lions Clubs Foundation in countries like Zambia and India where large-scale vaccination programs have taken place recently. Gavi and Lions in Zambia helped vaccinate an astonishing 6 million children in Zambia over just one week in September.

What we have been doing for Gavi:

  • Creating content; articles for newsletters and magazines
  • Social media campaigns
  • Developing and designing infographics
  • Developing articles, brochures, video content and presentations for IFFIm, the socially responsible investment arm funding Gavi programs