AARP Travel

AARP serves its members, and they know from careful research that travel is their top aspiration, but that most people found planning it frustrating, fragmented, and mighty time-consuming. Armed with this knowledge and a mission to help older people live their very best lives, they worked to build a new travel planning tool.

Silverbee has contributed important research, analysis, digital marketing and content ideas to AARP Travel since its inception, and our work with Travel is ongoing. Most recently, we performed content audits and audience research and analysis to support the core travel team, and designed a concept for a future User Generated Content for travel. We’ve helped develop a content strategy for destination pages and article content as the platform migrates to the Everywhere platform.

  • Research Travel Types Analysis
  • Travel Digital Concepts
  • Travel Trends
  • National Parks Analysis
  • Traveler Types – Developed preliminary personas based on ASI segmentation, focus groups, and Alpha UX testing.
  • Travel Survey Sample Questions
  • User Generated Content Web Concept and Design (see illustration, right)
  • Samantha Brown video storyboards, by-lined article for AARP Magazine, blog
  • Travel Sweepstakes Social Media posts