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Since winning the J.M. Kaplan Innovation Prize in November 2015, has supported worker petitions aimed at improving the workplace at companies and freelancers working in the gig economy.

on ‘the bomb’ squad

We are mesmerized by (and in love with) our latest project, the bomb.  the bomb is a groundbreaking multimedia installation that immerses you in the strange, compelling, and unsettling reality of nuclear weapons.  The 55-minute film turns the idea of filmgoing around – it’s a film you stand inside, not in front of, with the images driven by

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Walking The Line Between Hipsters And Hijabis

  Our latest project (in collaboration with Fat Dot) is a web series that’s started a new genre we’re calling Islam-Com. Shugs & Fats are immigrant roomates navigating the absurdities of social conformity in Brooklyn, where everything and anything is possible and permissible. The Gotham Award-winning show launches Season 3 this week during  the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. Shugs & Fats marked the

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Driving with your fur baby

Yes, you can get a car seat for your dog! Read up: Our Silverbee experts Chester Jacinto and Kristina Eisele researched and put together this story on the best cars and habits when you have a Fur Baby On Board.

REAL SIMPLE Profile of Dr. Jemison

Dr. Mae Jemison inspires us because she has been resilient and has followed her own internal compass her whole life – but she has been very intentional about including others along her journey. When social norms said, ‘you can’t do that’, Mae said, ‘fiddlesticks.’  Here is a profile of Dr. Jemison we helped place in

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