Take time to LOOK UP and share your sky with NatGeo’s Your Shot

What’s Above Us Inspires Us. That’s the message of LOOK UP, a new initiative created by astronaut, author and educator Dr. Mae Jemison. LOOK UP is based on the simple premise that we are all connected as humans under a shared sky, and that as the noise around us gets louder than ever, looking up

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3100: Run and Become – A new documentary about endurance, enlightenment, and why we run

What would you do to transform your life? How far would you go to change yourself? Would you drive, would you fly, would you run? We’ve recently been working with a new feel good documentary about long distance running by friend and filmmaker, Sanjay Rawal. We’ve worked on Rawal’s past projects including the successful and impactful

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Rethinking museums: Smithsonian’s ambition to reach 1 billion through digitization

Did you know that you could recreate a sitting statue of former President Obama thanks to a 3D print model created by the Smithsonian’s Digitization Program Office, or DPO? Working with the Smithsonian’s DPO on their communications has immersed us in the technology and craft of digitization and all the amazing things technology is doing

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America’s Wild Lands at Risk, According to New Study

The Wilderness Society is advocating for America’s wild places with a new study that points to troubling developments when it comes to development of public lands that have been designated as wild places. While the Trump administration is trying to roll back the protection of public lands, The Wilderness Society just published its 2017 “Too

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Red Nose Day USA: “Running Wild” for vaccines

Julia Roberts and Bear Grylls doc about immunization supply chain featured in 2017 telethon Washington, DC, 26 May 2017– Outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls and actor Julia Roberts’ race to deliver vaccines to a remote village in Kenya put immunization and Gavi’s mission center stage of Red Nose Day USA on Thursday. In a special episode

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