America’s Wild Lands at Risk, According to New Study

The Wilderness Society is advocating for America’s wild places with a new study that points to troubling developments when it comes to development of public lands that have been designated as wild places. While the Trump administration is trying to roll back the protection of public lands, The Wilderness Society just published its 2017 “Too Wild To Drill” report on September 18. It identifies 15 unique places found on public lands that are at high risk of drilling, mining and other development—and the damage and destruction that inevitably follow.

The Wilderness Society’s is America’s leading conservation organization with the mission to protect shared wild lands so we and future generations can benefit from what our public lands provide to us: clean air, wildlife, havens for recreation, solitude and learning, important sources of renewable energy, vital natural resources that must be managed wisely, and a foundation for a healthy planet.

Silverbee is proud to advocate for America’s wilderness by teaming with Weintraub Communications to shine a spotlight on wild lands at risk.